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Hi this is Ahsan pirzada .I welcome u to my site , hope u enjoy it!


Thanks for visiting the site, i am scorpion and my date of birth is 14th november 1980. i was born in Abbottabad, spent 17 years of my life there , did my Matriculation from Abbottabad Public School and College Abbottabad and after that did my International Baccalaureate from Hamdard University Islamabad and the joined BE(Telecommunications) in the same University and i am almost done with that and besides that i am playing ur songs on city fm89 So that was a brief introduction about me... hope you will enjoy visiting my site ...your comments about the site are required to make my site more useful and good for all there, so do fill in the guest book and give your comments too ...

My Aim!

My basic aim is to work a lot in the field of Telecommunications,and also keep on producing some good music so that u people can rock and roll with me,,,,,,,
feed back from my listeners in very important with that i come to know a lot about what to play and when to play JIGGAS .....

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If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, regarding music categories or any thing about music or D jayin u can mail me 24*7 and ill try to respond quick :)

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